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Name: Erin Curran (founder)
Role: Editor, social media manager.
Profile: My two main focuses in spare time are music and mindfulness. Music is one of the most important things to me, I listen to everything from rock ‘n’ roll to acoustic folk, and I’m also in a band. I’m a 1960s culture enthusiast and have a passion for meditation. I prioritize mental wellbeing and recognize mindfulness meditation as a necessity rather than a hobby, I think it’s a subject that people need to know more about because of its amazing scientifically proven health benefits.
 Experience: I’ve complete two work placements with NME.COM, volunteered for social media work with Brum Radio, and presented for Scratch Radio.


Name: Emily Arnold

Role: Videographer/Media manager/researcher

Profile: My main loves in life are dance/cheerleading, family, pets, partners and Television. And no that’s not just watching programmes, that’s making them. Vlogging is one of my favourites as you not only see what product that individual is using, but you also get to connect to the vlogger which allows the video to become reality. I have used so many products, hair styles or make up techniques just from watching vloggers, well ‘do their thing’. And that’s one of my main passions, to inspire others that have inspired me.

Experience: This is my first time vlogging, however I have had experience with working on TV drama’s such as Doctors on the BBC, BBC Sports Personality of the Year, and making documentaries for children when volunteering abroad. Videography is my main passion and I’m only just getting started.



Name: Hannah Mead

Role: Editor, Contributor and Researcher.

Profile: My two main passions are fitness and food. Since going vegan in August last year a major hobby of mine has become cooking and experimenting with food, not only is it very satisfying to make something from scratch but it provides a way for me to switch off and relax. In between uni and everything else I also like to work out and exercise which I consider beneficial not only physically but mentally.

Experience: My main experience base is in TV and radio, where I have been lucky enough to work on productions like BBC Sports Personality of the Year and BBC’s Doctors. I also have a radio show on my universities station Scratch Radio from 12-2pm every Tuesday.