How To Manifest Your Dreams

Take a second to think about what you want in life. Is that thought followed by a feeling of frustration and sadness as you merely see your current situation as being a permanent state?

It does not have to be.  Your end goal may seem a long way off and a near impossible feat but when looking at things with a different perspective, it can help you to reach these goals quicker and easier.

1. Be more positive. This is something I hear a lot of people say they are going to try and improve. But it really can make a difference, before going to complain about something. See if you can follow that thought with something positive, whether that be taking a second to be grateful for something else or just realising that what you were complaining about, could actually be a lot worse in the grand scheme of things.

2.    Write down your goals, and individual steps that will help you to get there. Breaking things down physiologically helps you see gradual hurdles and ways you can over come these. It also feels more rewarding to be working towards achievable goals as well as allowing you to see progress.

3. Before you do something, really think if what you are doing is making you happy. Or are you settling? If you feel like the answer is the latter, look at what else you could be doing. If this is in a job, perhaps look at other areas? Speak to other members of the team about what they do?

4. Communicate. The is to me is one of the most important. If you see what someone else is doing and want to do something similar, talk to them. Or find other people who also do, and speak to them. Put yourself out there. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely you will get scouted for that dream job, or that you will get the first job you apply for. The old saying is unfortunately true often in that it’s not what you know, but who you know. 

5. If you’re passionate about doing something, go out there and do it. If you can’t do it as a full-time job yet, build a portfolio on the side. Or attend extra classes to study whatever it is you enjoy. As long as you are always moving towards that goal you will do it.

I really love this quote:




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