How to stay calm in the present moment when you’re a worrier

Do you ever notice yourself in a state of worry? Fearing the future and overthinking the past? Between working, social life, personal projects, health and more, life can get stressful to say the least.

When you worry, you can’t help but make negative assumptions about what’s going to happen in an upcoming situation, and you constantly think “what if…”, when in fact you don’t really know what’s going to happen.


Here’s one great tip that will help you stay calm in the present moment when you’re stressing out: begin to really notice where you are, just pause a minute, and acknowledge your thought process, rather than interacting with it.

When you pause, pay attention to everything happening where you are now:

1. First, take a deep breath in, allow your attention to follow the breath and follow it, and repeat this with a slow breath out.

2. Secondly, look around you, observe one object nearby and identify its colours, shape and details, now look for a second nearby object and do the same, taking note of its properties.

3. Stop, and just listen, what noises can you hear? Are they nearby or far away? And how many sounds are present at once? Don’t start analyzing them, just recognize them.

4. Finally, what can you feel? Just notice the feeling of your feet on the floor, are you sitting down? How does that feel?

Spend around 30 seconds on each aspect of sensation.

If you do this properly by really embracing each aspect of “the now”, through feelings, sound, smell and sight, you will find that your attention has been diverted from the stress (even if it’s just for a minute or two). After this exercise, your mind should adapt to understanding that you have no control over certain things, you’re only making assumptions, and that grasping the present moment will bring clarity and peace into your life.


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