5 Ways to Start Your Day Off Positively

  1. I find this one of the most important tips,  and that is to not check your phone/laptop first thing. Our days now are inevitably consisting of filling our brains with information from a screen and getting a glimpse of other peoples lives through social media. I enjoy waking up and having my breakfast and just reflecting on the day and what I need to do – simply enjoying the time I get just to myself.


2. Make a list of things you want to achieve for the day, whether that’s going to the gym after work or replying to emails. I find a list at the beginning of the day really helps to clear and focus my mind as well as making me more produce. Putting a little tick box next to each task has also scientifically been proven to increase your likelihood of completing them. 


3. Tidy the space around you. I know.. it does seems like a chore first thing in the morning but I do find that the old saying is true: tidy room equals a tidy mind. A Study from the University of California found links between an untidy and unorganised space to feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.


4. Start your morning off with a large glass of water, this has been proven to increase metabolism, help flush out toxins, hydrate you and provide fuel for your brain! Drinking water first thing can also result in eating less as part of feeling hungry can be due to thirst.


5. Wake up a bit earlier to make time for breakfast. This is just as important as drinking water in the morning, as breakfast helps you to consume more minerals during the day, boost your metabolism, give you energy, improve concentration and productivity as well as improving your mood.


Hope you found these tips helpful, comment below what you do for a relaxing morning 🙂

Words by Hannah Mead


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