7 therapeutic hobbies that you should consider begining

1. Chocolate crafting


This something which is immensely underrated! I went to Belgium last year to take part in a chocolate workshop, and I had no idea what to expect. I was given dark, milk and white chocolate in different shapes and sizes, there were tubes, eggs and slabs. I was told to create anything I wanted out of them and I decided to make a “contemporary sculpture” because I knew that I don’t have the artistic ability to make a piece of chocolate that looks like something else. There were heated up knives available to cut the chocolate with and the sensation of melting chocolate with a hot knife is pure satisfaction. The best thing about crafting chocolate is that you can eat it afterwards!


2. Pottery


The soft feeling on your hands of molding clay and sculpting a shape is really quite relaxing. Watching the clay form into a vase or pot is as it spins around and having the control to craft it how you want to, is just so calming! The second stage of designing your pottery is painting it, which swiftly leads onto the next hobby.


3. Painting


Painting allows creativity to flourish and tames worry. The freedom of expression helps you to reflect on your emotions and thoughts onto a canvas. You can never stop learning with painting, whether its techniques or mastering objects to paint, picking up a paintbrush brings challenges to engage with your mind.

4. Gardening


Getting some sunlight, fresh air, being outside and interacting with nature is healthy. Digging through soil and arranging flowers is definitely one way to de-stress.


5. Origami


Learning to make paper animals and items is rewarding! Like everything, picking up a new skill feels great, as does folding paper and transforming it into whatever 3D object you want!


6. Song-writing


I’ve been writing songs for years and find that it lifts my mood no matter what situation or mind-set I’m in. There’s so many instruments to choose from that there will be one right for you, guitar? Bass? Ukulele? Piano? Drums? Saxophone? Begin by learning a chord sequence, (you can find plenty on the internet) and practice it over and over. Then pick a topic to write about, devise rhymes and experiment with singing melodies while you play the chord sequences. Song-writing is in my opinion the best way to spend free time! It takes a while to really get good at it, but all you need to do is keep practicing and you will see results.

7. Laughing yoga


You are missing out if you have not tried laughing yoga! I discovered it a couple of years ago on YouTube. All you do is complete a series of techniques where you force yourself to laugh, it’ much funnier when you attend a class, other people’s laughs will set you off! When you finish laughing yoga,you will feel incredible, although your stomach may be sore from laughing, but it’s all worth it. Find a class nearby and give it a go, or if not, then I highly recommend that you watch this tutorial on laughing yoga here.




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