5 Reasons Why You Should Go Travelling

My travelling first began when I was 18 and me and my friend from school interrailed Europe for a month in the Summer, and since then I’ve been round Thailand and America. I can honestly say that was the best month of my life, and ever since then I have craved travelling.

Travelling is an experience I would 1 MILLION% recommend to everyone, for I can (as cliche as it sounds) not image me being the same person today without it. So, in order to convince you, I have compiled a list of 5 reasons you should go.

  1. You grow up, fast. Travelling throws you into an unknown environment where often you cannot speak the language of the majority. Having to navigate your way around a city and communicate with people increases your independence as well as your confidence. It’s a great feeling knowing you do not have to rely on anyone else to guide you, you begin to trust your own instincts. Budgeting was also a major part of my travelling, which before going – I had never done before!



2.     The people you meet! This is a massive perk of travelling, I couldn’t even count variations of people I have met from all across the globe. I know I would have somewhere to stay now in a number of countries. It is an amazing experience to be able to share experiences and stories with people from like minded people all over the world,  some of whom I still keep in touch with now!

3.     The change of scenery – an obvious one I know. But I think it is so incredibly easy to get caught up in your own world, travelling opens your eyes to how other people live and different cultures. There is nothing quiet like the feeling of exploring somewhere completely new.


4.     Living out of a suitcase. Oddly enough, this is something I loved. There’s something so humbling and freeing about having all your belongings in your rucksack and living off that. I found I cared so much less on my appearance, I was happy if i had semi clean clothes for the day! After all, there wasn’t much spaces to be wasted on a lot of make up products!

Also, it really makes you appreciate what you have back home and how material a lot of what you have is.

5.   Readjusts your priorities in life. When I came back, I feel like I knew a lot more of what I wanted… to be happy. The idea of settling for a boring job became even less appealing when I considered how i’d spent my days travelling. My realisation to just spend my time doing something I enjoyed was a lot more of a priority for me.


Let me know where your favourite place is you’ve been to 🙂


Words by Hannah Mead.






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