Could these 6 concepts be the key to happiness?

Happiness is simple and can be so easy to find, yet sometimes it seems so far away. Do you ever question yourself on why you feel the way that you do? Or do you occasionally find yourself feeling down when everything seems to be going well?

These feelings and thoughts are all in your mind, but can be altered in accordance to the way in which you decide to think. As the American philosopher, William James once said, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

By understanding and embracing these six concepts, you will know how to manifest optimism:



Being too critical of others can be unhealthy for your mind. Making judgments of people’s appearances, decisions and behavior without knowing reasons behind them, is something which we may have all been guilty of at some point in our lives. But this negative and critical way of thinking can be prevented during the moment you become aware of it. All you have to do is pin point the way in which negativity crawls into your mind. Pause. And re-think the situation from a view which doesn’t jump to conclusions.




It is natural for the mind to doubt itself, but sometimes we disappoint ourselves too much. Setting up high personal expectations is one way of experiencing self-disappointment, it’s true that we can expect too much of ourselves. Whether it’s failing to achieve work goals, feeling guilty for spending too much money, or even forgetting something on your to-do list, don’t be as harsh on yourself.

Try forgiving yourself instead of overthinking mistakes that you’ve made, and you’ll notice a sense of inner freedom.




It’s amazing how connecting with people can cheer you up. Spending time with loved ones, and making that extra effort to meet up with people is valuable. Happiness arises through sharing stories, laughter, relating to situations and finding common grounds.




Feeling understood by another person can cause unity, when someone understands your experiences, you don’t feel alone. Likewise, knowing what other people have gone through in life and accepting their personal journey and thought process is important. Empathy has the ability to remove social barriers and bring freedom of expression, leading to feelings of contentment and trust.



Focus on what you already have, rather than what you want to have. Appreciate your basic needs in everyday life such as shelter, warmth, food, hygiene, family and friends.


Letting go


Whether it’s an argument, fall out or break up, moving on is vital to maintain happiness. When you overthink the scenario which you’re finding it difficult to let go of, you’ll notice that your mood becomes low and levels of happiness drop with your mental energy being so focused on the negative. It’s easier said than done, but learning to let go will make your life easier.





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