Ways to get over that ‘Work Wall.’

Being a third year myself and very nearly at the end – I have a CRAZY amount of work to do. Mainly in the form of a 13,000 word dissertation. Many times I have faced the ‘work wall’ as I like to call it, where I’ve just thought I have 0 motivation to do any more. I’ve stared for long enough at a dissertation..

So, here are some ways that will get you up and over that wall and to the finish line!

  1. When you have a break, rather than using that time to check your Facebook, or your phone… go outside. Go for a walk. I find a change of scenery really helps to temporarily clear your head, also the excersie helps to pump the endorphins around your body which will result in helping to destress.



2.     If you’re still in the library, after spending all week there, spend an afternoon    working in a cafe or in a public library. A bit like going for a walk, a change of scenery to work around can spark new inspiration when you work as making you feel more motivated.


3.    Rather than set aside an entire day to work, allocate yourself a couple of hours. I often find I get considerably more work done when i’m under a time pressure. You’ll find you will be more productive during the time as well, and then reward yourself after with some coffee, or a favourite series (I’d recommend Broadchurch if you’re not already watching it!).


133094.a99f7d2f-ccd5-41ed-b720-bbf8ca1972b1Image from: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2017-03-24/broadchurch-series-three-episode-four-review-where-have-all-the-good-dorset-men-gone 


4.  Try and picture the end result of you finishing that piece of work and the relief of handing it in – sounds ridiculous but it really does work! I used to be one of those people who was still in the library at 4am finishing the work due the next day. And it was SO STRESSFUL. It is much, much less effort to do a little over a long period. Just think, the more you get done now. The less you will have to do tomorrow.


5. Schedule a plan relative of your deadline, of how much you want to get done each day/week. That way when you have done your set amount of work, you can stop. Regardless of how long it took. For me, this is the one tip I would recommend the most for getting work done most productively. It also means you can plan your time a lot better.



Hope these tips helped, if you have any leave a comment below and share yours 🙂


words by Hannah Mead. 


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