10 simple ways to organize your life.

Do you feel as though deadlines creep up out of nowhere? And you’re always stressing about not having enough time? Here’s a possible answer to a stress-free and efficient way of life.

10. Make a to-do list.


Write everything down you’ve got to get done and rank them in order of priority. You will find that when your thoughts and goals are written down, you won’t stress as much, knowing that there’s nothing you’re going to forget. Also, try concentrating on one thing at a time on your to-do list.

9. Stop putting things off.hope-house-press-127595.jpg

Whatever it is, it’s got to be done sooner or later. Instead of you keep having to remind yourself to complete some basic task, just do it as soon as you get the first opportunity to.

8. Develop a routine.mark-solarski-177423.jpg

Try waking up and going to sleep at a certain time every day rather than random times, the more you do, the easier it gets. It can take a couple of weeks to properly break into this habit, like any others.

7. Set personal deadlines.carl-heyerdahl-181868.jpg

For example, if you have a huge assignment or project, break it down into segments. Have a deadline for planning, a deadline for starting it, and a deadline for each section of it. This is also going to keep you on track in the long term.

6. Use an alarm (and not just for waking up).sanah-suvarna-161883.jpg

If your one of those people who find it too easy to lose track of time or worried that you’ll forget about plans, then set an alarm to remind yourself. Even if it’s just meeting up with friends for a drink, try estimating the time it takes to get ready and travel, giving yourself enough time.

5. Keep your room tidy. Tidy room, easier life.alejandro-escamilla-66211.jpg

Are you always losing your keys? Favourite outfits? Phone charger? If you have a massive spring clean, get rid of the junk and tidy around, you’re going to find things a lot quicker. Always put items back in the same place so you know where to find them.

4. Chose what you’re going to wear the night before.nordwood-themes-162465.jpg

Mornings can be tricky, especially when you’re rushing around trying to decide on what clothes could be worn together. Planning out your clothes the night before will save you time.

3. Stick post it notes on your mirror.jo-szczepanska-57782.jpg

Especially when there’s something important to remember. Post it notes are the perfect visual reminder, and the mirror is the best place to put them (you’ll see your reminder as soon as you start your day getting ready), or in the kitchen somewhere, that could work too.

2. Mentally forward plan your day & get a watch!!wil-stewart-24560.jpg

Just think through what’s going to happen next. Consider the key times you need to leave wherever you are to get to the next place. Without knowing the time, it can be confusing, so as simple as it sounds, get yourself a watch!! Smart phones are great, but what if they run out of battery, or one day you leave it at home by accident? Physical watches are underrated.

1. Use a diary.bcgmagazine-46217.jpg

Definitely the biggest key factor to organization. You’ll never be double booked again and you can give yourself a clear overview of what each week has in store. Bullet journals are particularly effective, if you get yourself one of them, you’ll feel a lot calmer seeing all reminders written down.


Words by Erin Curran


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