5 Vegan must have apps

I have tried and tested many apps on the vegan market and thought I’d share with you the ones I now consider my absolute essentials.

  1. Happy Cow  – £3.99


This is an app that allows you to search your location to find your nearest vegan/vegetarian restaurants and food places. As well as an app it also works alongside a website (www.happycow.com) . The website offers lot’s of good advice and information on a range of relevant topics including the health benefits of veganism, travel and recipes to name just a few. Would thoroughly recommend this app and a visit to the website.


2. Is it Vegan? – Free



This app is brilliant in that it saves you the effort of researching each individual ingredient to find out if it is vegan or not. Upon scanning/typing in the item the app provides a scale on how vegan the product is as well as separating the individual ingredients into which are and are not vegan.


3.  Yumly – Free


Although not directly catered specifically for vegans, I have to say this has probably got to be one of my favourite of all the apps. It consists of a very vast catalogue of recipes. At the beginning it gives you options of varying degrees of recipe complication and allows you to be very specific with dietary options as well as different styles of cuisines. The app allows you to really personalise your preferences, as well as save your favourite recipes. There are also options to watch videos of recipes as well as links to buy products related to recipes. Overall this app is a staple for me and I now cannot imagine cooking without it!

4. Chronometer  – £2.99


The app allows you to track the nutrient content in your food. I do not use this everyday but I find it really helps you to gain an understand of what different nutrients food has in them as well as knowing what you may be deficient in.


5. Bunny Free – Free


This app allows you to search for companies and individual products to check which are cruelty free. The app is simple and easy to use and saves the process of googling individual companies. The app allows you to refine the search further to show only products that are vegan or working for a regulation change towards animal testing. This app is a perfect way to make sure theres no accidental purchases that involve animal testing and all the information provided has been certified by Peta.


Leave a comment with which apps you would recommend  🙂

Words by Hannah Mead.

Insta: @hannahmead_

Twitter: @HannahMead_






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