5 Ways to help you de-stress about money

Throughout my time at university  I have done a lot of learning about how to budget and organise my money. So here are my top tips to anyone wanting to manage their money a little better (and sleep better at night).

1.   This one is for all coffee/hot chocolate addicts. I used to buy a costa every day before starting uni, so much so that it became routine. There are 3 inside the building itself which makes it so hard to resist. So, I decided to buy a drinks mug and make them myself and bring them in instead. Just doing this for a week has saved me a tenner!

2. Bring your own food into uni, this is especially better for me being  gluten intolerant and vegan, the choice is minimal. And if I want a wrap from Costa, it cost £3.75! Think of all the other things I could get with that..

3. Buy food from a market it is so much cheaper!!! I swear it has become a luxury to shop at Sainsbury’s now. If you are fortunate enough to be near a market make the most of it, they also sell eggs, milk and cheese really cheap as well. Another option would be to share an online shop with a friend, as you often have to spend over a certain amount to get free delivery.

4. Only take a certain amount of cash out with you on nights out. I tend to stick to about £20 and leave my card at home, to avoid those horrible moments the following day when you check your account only to realise you spend £50 – and don’t even remember on what! It also guarantees no losing of the card (which has happened to me all too often!)

5. Get two separate bank accounts so when your student loan comes through and/or wages they go straight into there so you can work out what you will need for rent and another other regular outgoings and then have the rest separate as spending money. That way you won’t have to worry about not having the money aside when rent and whatever goes out as it’ll be there. It will definitely make your life easier.. and they’ll be no guilty spending either!

Hope this helps some of you.. I definitely wish I’d done these things earlier!

Let me know if you have any good tips to help save money 🙂


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