4 Incredible mindfulness meditation apps.

In a world of stress and rushing around, we need some time to unwind and take a step back. One of the most effective ways to take a break is through the art of mindfulness and meditation. We’ve come up with a list of the 4 best meditation apps (free to download) which we highly recommend:

1. Headspace

It’s simple, easy and effective. Headspace can instantly put you at ease through guided meditations, and with a spectrum of meditations to choose from, there’s something on there for everyone. Headspace includes 10 free sessions of meditation, the introductory 10 step guide is incredibly calming and gives you an accurate grasp of mindfulness. There’s also animations which explain various aspects of meditating, a chart to track your progress and facts on meditation. If you choose to buy a subscription, you’ll unlock a series of guided meditation programmes which focus on areas of sport, health, relationships, performance and the list goes on. The subscription involves a wide range of topics from meditation for commuting, cooking, fear of flying, cycling and more, there’s even a meditation section for kids! The app is massively popular and could give you an overall soothing experience.

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2. Wildflowers

Wildflowers is a seriously blissful and refreshing app, its most intriguing quality is found within its therapeutic game play which calms the mind. Another element of interest is its remarkable scenic graphics of rural areas located in the programmes in the ‘lessons’ category, each lesson gives insight into meditations on the breath, the body, feelings, thoughts and awareness. A unique and useful feature to Wildflowers is its ability to measure your heart rate, it also gives you the option to input your current emotions and stress levels onto the device, then will suggest meditation programmes available to suit your state of mind at that current moment. By completing more meditation sessions, you can unlock a variety of programmes on the app. Wildflowers is full of relaxation.

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3. Calm

Calm is exactly what it says on the tin. It has multiple meditation sessions available to use with a pleasing selection of free sessions, it contains a scope of 7 day programmes, as well as many more guided meditation sessions on loving-kindness, forgiveness, sleep, concentration, emergency situations, anxiety, non-judgement and much more. This app brings tranquility and really helps you to unwind, it offers brand new meditation sessions every day and has a section which guides you on breathing through animation and gentle sound. Its homepage enables you to swipe across the screen showing different backgrounds, accompanied by therapeutic noises such as rain, a crackling fire and birds.

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4. Moodspace

There’s three delightful sections on this app: ‘Three clouds’, ’Thought diary’ and ‘Mindful meditation’, and each use different techniques to put your mind at ease. ‘Three clouds’ allows you to reflect on the positive happenings of your day, reminding you of gratitude, whereas ‘Thought diary’ helps you to deconstruct your worries, unraveling your stressful situations which assist you in making the right decisions and retaining a calm mind. The ‘Mindful meditation’ section gives you the choice to listen to soothing sounds whilst meditating, and with the availability of a meditation timer, you can decide on when to complete your practice.

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Words by Erin Curran.


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