A few steps to make you a calmer, happier person…

The other day I had one of those days everyone has once in a while, when I felt a bit down and demotivated, and just panicky about what I’m going to do with my life (the scary thought that actually, one day, I won’t be a student anymore!) .. But I’ve found a few things that work for me that I want to share that really help me feel a bit happier/more relaxed about things..

1)      Go outside. It sounds silly but it is so easy to just sit in and feel worse about things. Instead, go for a walk somewhere and explore where you live. Or find somewhere near where you live you’ve always wanted to visit and walk round it. I’m very lucky, near where I live there are lots of national parks and countryside to explore.  The fresh air really helps to lift my mood, and the exercise always makes me feel better.

2)      Do you have particular goals? Maybe for your house, your career or just things you want to achieve? Sit down and make a list of things you can do to help get you closer to achieving your goal. It has been physiologically proven that making lists helps to de-stress and plus you can tick things off as you go – which I always find so satisfying!

3)      Bake something – I have to say, this isn’t something I do frequently. Being a busy (well, that’s what I tell people) university student I don’t really have the time or energy. But when I’m at home I enjoy it, and it allows me to focus my mind on something else. And you get to eat and share the result of your hard work after – win win.

4)      Journal – This is actually something I have done since the beginning of sixth form. I found my time quite stressful as I was worried about not getting into university, as well as my situation with friends. I found it helped so much, and I now read through old entries and often see that some of the things I worried about then, seem so insignificant now!

5)      Text a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Maybe they’ve moved away and you no longer see them as much. Or there’s that person who when you see you both say ‘we need to meet up soon.’ Do it, make it happen. It’s amazing how the busyness of your life can often mean that before you know it you can go months without seeing someone you used to see so often. So drop them a message!

6)      Tidy/organise your things. I never thought I would say this (and I’d never admit it to my mum) but it really is true. A tidy room means (or often helps) with a tidy mind.  I HATE coming home to my room after a long day at uni to find it’s messy and there’s stuff everywhere, it just feels so claustrophobic and all over the place. I find I can think a lot clear and I just feel like I have my life is a little more sorted when my room is tidy and my things are in the right place.

7)      Go cycling! This is one of my favourite things to do when I’m bored and have a food few hours spare, and helps to take my mind off things. I love riding through country lanes near where I live – there’s just something so freeing about being surrounded by large open spaces of field and countryside. If you live in a big city, look on-line at some designated cycle paths!

I hope these things have been somewhat helpful for you!  Do let me know what you do to de-stress/cheer yourself up when you’re a bit low.



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